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Nevada Impairment Rating Skills Assessment Test (NIRSAT™)

AAEME™ created the first computerized “online testing” Impairment Rating option, which was requested and implemented in Texas for their Workers' Compensation program. The Texas Impairment Rating Skills Assessment Test was called TIRSAT. This was needed due to the size of Texas and the fact that physicians were spread throughout the state.

In 2006, the State of Nevada adopted a regulation to strengthen education and testing requirements for Nevada Impairment raters. The DIR has always required that all raters must pass the NIRSAT™…Nevada Impairment Rating Skills Assessment Test.  To date, we have tested over 200 PPD raters.

In 2023, the testing requirements have been upgraded to include ONE NIRSAT™ for all PPD raters, MD, DO, and DC. The feedback from the raters has been overwhelmingly positive that the NIRSAT™ test we offer helps to confirm competency in correctly and accurately providing a PPD rating.

AAEME™ now offers an advanced course on the 5th edition of the AMA Guides, which is being offered December 9-10, 2023. Our team of Expert Medical Evaluators (MD and DC) will be teaching and offering expert advice on the method to produce an accurate and defensible PPD rating. The CIRS Certified Impairment Rating Specialist is a designation that you can be proud of.

Come join our medical team and get updated on the latest issues facing workers' compensation, and you, as a CIRS, can help solve the issues.

Advanced Course NV PPD raters and NIRSAT™ Exam

Dates: Dec 9 and 10th 2023     

Location:  Hampton Inn Tropicana and Event Center



Advanced AMA Course for Nevada PPD raters (12 hours)

Fee   $1200.


NIRSAT™ Exam                      

Fee   $895.


AMA Guides 5th edition


Hampton Inn Tropicana and Event Center

4975 Dean Martin Drive | Las Vegas, NV 89118


Direct 702-948-8136 


Special room rate     $179.00

Parking                       $15.00

Register for the AMA Course and NIRSAT™ Exam

Step 1 - Complete the registration form below for the AMA course and NIRSAT™ exam.     

Step 2 - Please select which option you would like:

For Attorneys

CIRS Quick Start Reference Guide with Test and Study Booklet

No Refunds Allowed

Program Agenda

Day 1 - Performing Accurate and Defensible PPD ratings 



7:30 am 

Registration, CME, CEU, MCLE  

required 

8:30 am 

Welcome and Course Overview  ( Guest Speaker) 

9:00 am 

Address recent changes in the 2023 law and how they affect the PPD rater. 


Respiratory. Visual, Ear, Cardiac, Skin 


Short Break 


Spine issues: ROM vs DRE

Use of inclinometer 



1:30 pm 

Neurological (entrapment neuropathy, carpal tunnel)

2:30 pm 

Cortical Spinal Tract issues 

3:30 pm 

Brain injury 

4:30 pm 

Short break 

4:45 pm 

Upper Extremity (hand, elbow shoulder) 

6:00 pm 

Writing your report.  Defensible reporting and Justifying your findings  

6:30 pm 

Prep for Sunday case reviews. 

Sign out 

Day 2 - PPDEducation continued and NIRSAT™ administered

8:00 am

Registration, CME, CEU, MCLE

required (NO CELL PHONES)

8:30 am

Jason Mills, Plaintiff lawyer and Dalton Hooks Defense lawyer

Will discuss what each side is looking for in a defensible report.

Question and answer session pertaining to PPD ratings

9:00 am

PPD Review

Review a PPD report that has been challenged. All reports are unnamed. Patient and doctor.

Identify problems and issues, why, what are the solutions.

Goal is to find common ground. Present your findings to the group


Physicians will be divided into groups and a leader will present findings to class.

Will be decided when we have exact number of attendees

1 pm

NIRSAT handed out with instructions (paper or on line)

1:30 pm

NIRSAT begins open book

6:30 pm

NIRSAT completed

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