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Instructions for Taking the NIRSAT online

Please scroll down till you come to the

“NIRSAT Exam” button click

If you have NOT paid, it will take you to a payment option and you can pay to take the NIRSAT at this point.

IF YOU HAVE PAID, please log into the account you have created.

You will go directly to the NIRSAT testing portion.

Do not go there unless you are ready to take the NIRSAT.

The Questions are randomized, to avoid sharing of information.

The NIRSAT is 4 hours long. Please note: Once you start the test, you must complete the test within the 4 hour time frame — Do not exit the test once you begin.

If your system kicks you off, this is on your end. Notify AAEME and we will put you in contact with our IT department. They MAY be able to restart the test from where you were terminated. We have securities to prevent this from happening so please be careful.

Please have your AMA Guides and Quick Study Guides to use as references.

Results are given at the end of the test. Feel free to screen shot your results.

AAEME is notified of the results.

You will get your NIRSAT Certificate which must be sent to MedPanels@dir.nv.gov.

If you want a printed Certificate, you may order it for $50.00.

The DIR will be notified if you have passed, not if you must take NIRSAT again.


Christine Caldwell

AMA Guides 5th edition course

Fairfield Inn by Marriott April 27- 28, 2024

355 E Warm Springs Rd. Las Vegas Airport South 702 916 2100


Register for the AMA Course and NIRSAT™ Exam

Step 1 - Complete the registration form below for the AMA course and NIRSAT™ exam.     

Step 2 - Please select which option you would like:

For Attorneys

No Refunds Allowed

Doctors will be permitted to pay at the door for both the NIRSAT and AMA Course.

Program Agenda (April 27th - 28th)

AMA Guides 5th Edition

12 hours (Saturday / Sunday)

7:30 am

Registration, CME, CEU, MCLE

required

8:30 am

Welcome Introduction

9:00 am

Initial overview of the AMA Guides


Chapter 15 The Spine

Chapter 16 The Upper Extremity




Chapter 16 The Upper Extremity

Chapter 17 The Lower Extremity



1:30 pm

Chapter 13 Central and Peripheral Nervous System

2:30 pm

Chapters 3 through 12 Internal Medicine

3:30 pm

Continued (Internal Medicine)

4:30 pm

Short break

4:45 pm

Brain Injury

6:00 pm

Sign-out required for CME’s, CEU’s, MCLE

Day 2

Reviewing AMA Guides cases

Discussing defensible PPD report writing.

Ends at noon on Sunday

Instructors: John Mendez, MD, Medical Director, AAEME,

James Anthony, DO, JD, MBA

Christine G. Caldwell

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